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Your organization should run its own Mastodon server

Run your own Mastodon server to control your social media presence

by Julien Deswaef

7 Nov 2022

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internet culture

Reckoning with the force of Conway's Law

Conway's Law (formulated in 1968 by Melvin Conway) says that a system's design is constrained by the communication patterns of its designers. Birgitta, Mike, James, and I discuss the meaning of this principle and how we've seen it play out in our careers. We talk about its impact on the concept of Microservices, the importance of aligning with business capabilities, and the role of the inverse Conway maneuver.

Birgitta Böckeler, Mike Mason, James Lewis, and Martin Fowler

3 Nov 2022

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application architecture enterprise architecture microservices team organization

Exploring Mastodon

With the current uncertainty over Twitter, I'm starting to explore using Mastodon

by Martin Fowler

31 Oct 2022

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Conway's Law

Pretty much all the practitioners I favor in Software Architecture are deeply suspicious of any kind of general law in the field. Good software architecture is very context-specific, analyzing trade-offs that resolve differently across a wide range of environments. But if there is one thing they all agree on, it's the importance and power of Conway's Law. Important enough to affect every system I've come across, and powerful enough that you're doomed to defeat if you try to fight it.

Agile Book Club: Refactoring

James Shore's Art of Agile Development is my favorite single-volume book on agile software development. A reason for that is its serious emphasis on the technical practices that are essential to making it work effectively. James and I discuss the role of refactoring for software development, the nature of design changes we see, and how to break down big changes into small pieces.

James Shore and Martin Fowler

28 Apr 2022



interviews refactoring

How I use Twitter

The things I do to make Twitter useful and avoid the time-traps

by Martin Fowler

26 Apr 2022

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Lean Inception

An inception is an activity done at the start of a project to gather together the people involved and set a common direction and working style for the on-going work. The lean inception is a focused form of inception, which can be done in a single week. During this time we understand the key features and customers for the product, and build a canvas to formulate the characteristics of a Minimum Viable Product.

by Paulo Caroli

22 Feb 2022

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project planning collaboration lean

Building Infrastructure Platforms

Infrastructure Platform teams enable organisations to scale delivery by solving common product and non-functional requirements with resilient solutions. This allows other teams to focus on building their own things and releasing value for their users. But nobody said building scalable platforms was easy... In this article Poppy and Chris explore 7 key principles which can help you build the right thing right. Spoiler: don't skip strategy, user experience and research.

by Poppy Rowse and Chris Shepherd

9 Feb 2022

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enterprise architecture platforms

Software Architecture Hour with Neal Ford: The Future of Software

Neal and I discuss the interplay between the patterns and practices that drive good software architecture.

Neal Ford and Martin Fowler

1 Jan 2022




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