Development of Further Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

When I wrote Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, I was very conscious of the incompleteness of the book. There is much, much more to say about enterprise application development than I could say in one book. So I've been working on capturing further patterns, with the hope that I'll put together more volumes.

Progress has been slow, one thing I'm learning is that writing doesn't seem to be getting easier. To further slow down matters, I haven't been working on this material actively since the summer of 2006, instead concentrating on material around Domain-Specific Languages. As a result the material on site is pretty much frozen for the moment, although I do hope to pick it up again.

In any case I've found it valuable to have the patterns available on my site so that people can use the half-worked thoughts, and also give me some feedback. It also means the thinking is out there, even in partly digested form, until I get back to working on this material properly

Remember that these are very much work in progress. I'm likely to change my mind about pattern names and scope as I go along. When I make significant revisions to the material here, I post a note on my site RSS feed.

I welcome comments, particularly from those who have come across things similar to the patterns I talk about. I'm always keen to hear about peoples' experiences. I may not be able to reply quickly, if so please forgive me. Feedback is always welcome, although please don't give me feedback about typos and the like - it's too early for me to be worrying about that.


18 Jul 2006

I've returned to the Presentation patterns. My particular concern was to try to sort out confusions around Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model-View-Presenter (MVP). This led to two major efforts. The first is writing a chapter on GUI Architectures, which hopefully will explain what exactly MVC is and how it relates to other common UI architectures (including MVP). The other change, which came as a result of this work, was that I decided to split what was formerly an MVP pattern into Supervising Controller and Passive View.

19 Jun 2006

Ian Cartwright helped me develop an example for Event Collaboration.

05 Jan 2006

Added Event Collaboration and the accounting adjustment patterns: Replacement Adjustment, Reversal Adjustment, and Difference Adjustment. I hope to soon reach the point where I can replace my earlier pdf on accounting patterns. I also sorted out the chapter list on the right so that it's in the order it would be in for a book.

13 Dec 2005

Much of my recent work has been on domain events, hence the narrative Organizing Presentation Logic. Added the patterns Event Sourcing, Parallel Model and Retroactive Event.