8 September 2011

I don't like writing things that are ephemeral, I prefer to write things that I think are going to stay useful for many years. That's a big part of my philosophy with books, and it's my intention for what's on this web site too. To a large extent, I feel I have succeeded. If I look at the top ten pages on my site [1], I see Dependency Injection (2004), Continuous Integration (2006), Mocks Aren't Stubs (2007), GUI Architectures (2006), and The New Methodology (2005) in the top ten. While I can always improve on articles [2] it's good to see things I've written several years ago still being useful.

Despite the staying power of some popular articles, most of my site gets much less traffic than a new post, so I've decided to start a series of retread posts. A retread is a reposting of an old post. I'll put it into my site feed and tweet it, just as I do my new posts. I will clearly mark such posts as retreads. I will check any post I retread and ensure it's still relevent and worth reading now as it was then. I may make some corrections as I do this, but I expect to mostly leave the posts as they were. I expect to post a retread once or maybe twice a week.


1: As measured by Google Analytics, looking at the period from Jun 1 to Sep 1 2011.

2: Dependency Injection, in particular, could do with some serious work to make it clearer and mention what has happened with DI since I wrote it. It's on my (over-long) todo list.