Heavy Cardboard

2 December 2019

Heavy Cardboard is a media channel dedicated to board games, run by Edward Uhler. I first ran into it when it was purely a podcast, enjoying it because it reviewed the kind of games I was interested in, and gave enough depth to the reviews that I could get a good picture of whether the game would interest me. It then added a video channel, streaming live games on Youtube. I rarely watch the live games, but often found watching a recording useful to see if I would like a game. I also find Edward's teaching of the rules, which he does before every stream, an effective way to learn how to play a game. I liked the show enough to become a patron, and enjoy the patron-only slack channel. It's a useful discussion forum and one of the most pleasant online groups I've been involved in.

In late 2018, Edward moved to Wakefield, Massachusetts, just ten minutes drive from my house. That allowed me to join his game group, and take part in his videos. Mostly I just play in the game, but I did do the teach for Brass Birmingham (a rather long teach as I added a lot of history and local color).

I've also appeared in the podcast, where I've taken part in detailed reviews of Brass Birmingham and City of the Big Shoulders. I also sat with Edward and Jess as we listed our favorite games.