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Last week I attended the Agile 2010 conference in Orlando. Agile 20xx is the major US agile-oriented conference whose roots go back to XP Universe and the Agile Development Conference. I've not been a regular attender of the main agile conferences, but I did go last year as well. Rather than make an attempt at a consolidated description, here are a few scattered impressions.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (aka testobsessed)

Liz Keogh (aka lunivore)

I have mixed feelings about the complaints on the lack of programming topics. Certainly programming plays a central role in software development and attempts to marginalize it correlate well with dead-ends. But programming is part of a very interconnected system which involves lots of pieces - and making these interconnections work requires exactly these kinds of "soft and woolly" skills. There is a real tendency for programmers to look inward and obsess on technical issues rather than engaging with those outside programming. One of the things I like about XP is that it recognizes this: blending technical excellence with collaboration.

I would hate to see programming detached from the agilexx conference with programmers going to different events. There's a need for places where the intermingling can occur. The JAOO and QCon conferences seem to do a very good job of this - as well as having a better quality control over the talks themselves. Their format isn't universal, and there's room for more options. Our crucial task is to engage in excellence in the programming side without cutting off the essential collaboration.

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