Code samples for the opening chapter of Refactoring

14 March 2024

From time to time people ask me for a copy of the code I used in the opening chapter of Refactoring, so they can follow along themselves. I had Reasons for not providing this code, specifically laziness. Fortunately Emily Bache is more dedicated, and she has set up a github repository - the Theatrical Players Refactoring Kata - with the code, and enough tests to make it reasonable to do the refactoring.

The repository goes further than this, however, in that it includes similar sample code in a dozen languages, including C, Java, Rust, and Python.

She has recently posted a video to her YouTube channel, which outlines why she encourages folks to use this code while they are reading that chapter. Her channel includes a lot of videos on good code technique, and she has a Patreon for readers to support her work.