Joining LinkedIn

Martin Fowler: 28 Mar 2024

As the enmuskification of Twitter continues, I’ve increasingly heard that more people are using LinkedIn to keep up with new professional material. So, a couple of weeks ago, I set up my LinkedIn account, so people can follow me on that platform.

I’ve always avoided LinkedIn - I’ve found the whole vibe of connections rather off-putting. I get too much spam from people wanting to connect as it is. But LinkedIn has added a “creator mode”, which encourages people to follow someone for posts rather than the bi-directional connection. It seems to be working reasonably well so far, so I’ve decided that I shall post all updates here to that account too. However I’m still avoiding connections, so please don’t send me a connection request unless we’ve done some substantial work together.

I’m still posting to X (Twitter), but as it steadily deteriorates, it gets less of my attention. If you follow me there, I recommend switching to one of my other feeds if you can.

I don’t particularly like LinkedIn for its feed, as I have little control over it. I never like the site suggestions, preferring as simple feeds of people. Sadly, LinkedIn doesn’t have lists, and pushes everything someone likes into the single connection feed. This leads to Too Many Posts which means I don’t pay attention to much.