Update to refactoring.com

19 November 2018

With the new edition of my book on refactoring getting close to the bookshelves, I've spent some time to update refactoring.com. I've changed the visual design, put together a new home page to summarize what refactoring is, and updated the catalog.

The catalog continues to list refactorings and has a tag selection mechansim to help you filter them. The refactorings on the catalog page are the ones in the book. The entry in the catalog shows the name, code example, and the mnemonic graphic I have in the book. Once the web edition is sorted out and released, I'll include a deep link to the page in the web edition, so that those who've registered can easily access the refactoring in the book.

Refactorings that have been replaced in the new edition (such as Extract Method being replaced by Extract Function) redirect to their replacement refactoring.

I haven't done anything with refactorings that were online but aren't in the new book. For the moment their pages still exist, but aren't linked from the catalog index page. I haven't decided what to do with them yet, but my general philosophy is to leave pages up unless there is a serious problem with them, so I've left them there.

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