Over the last few years, I’ve succumbed to an unfortunate addiction - that of writing books. Although after each book I seriously consider giving it up, I haven’t yet succeeded. If you have a similarly uncontrollable urge to read books (I’ve got that disease too) then here’s a list of the books that I’ve written. You can buy the books in various paper and electronic formats.

In 2002 Addison-Wesley launched their signature series. The idea is that their leading authors would host a small series of books that they felt were particularly special.

I was one of the first “signers” and I wanted a demanding set of criteria for the books in my series. Each book should be an excellent, in-depth coverage of its topic. Each topic should be relevant to hands-on technical leaders, particularly in enterprise applications. The books should focus on long-lived fundamentals: knowledge that doesn’t age much even as technology changes. All these criteria mean the books are worth the investment of a busy reader’s time (which is much more valuable than their cover price).

I’m very happy with how the series has worked out - I think there is a an excellent collection of books here. A sign of less personal approval is the fact that the series has collected 7 Jolt awards.