The Day We Fight Back

ThoughtWorks is joining with several organizations, including the EFF, Reddit, Mozilla, and Demand Progress in a call to the international community to fight against mass surveillance. If you are concerned about the growth of mass surveillance of our internet communications, I urge you to see how you can take part. On February 11th, many websites will be adding banners to their site encouraging people to make their opinions known, particularly those in the U.S. concerned about how our government is indulging in behavior that can lead to undermining democracy.

To find out more please visit where you can find out how to join in by adding a banner to your web site. For more background on the rationale behind this day of action, read this statement from the EFF. Take a look at my explanation on why privacy is important, even if you think you have nothing to hide.

Martin Fowler: 06 Feb 2014