Activity Update

My site hasn’t seen any updates for over a month, so I thought I’d make a quick note of what I’ve been up to. On the whole I’m not someone who tries to make a regular schedule of site updates - I write as I have the time, energy, and inspiration to do so. Regular articles were important in the days of magazines, but in the online world with notifications via RSS and twitter, I don’t see any reason to tie myself to a schedule.

Usually when I go quiet for a few weeks, it’s due to travel. When I’m on the grind of speaking I’m too busy, tired, and grumpy to do any writing. But that’s not the reason for my recent quiet period, as I’ve been happily at home. Indeed I’ve been working steadily at a couple more infodecks, and this involves both working on the content of the infodecks and on the toolchain to build them. I’ve added more features to the toolchain in addition to what I had for the multi-mobile deck, which should provide a more dynamic experience. I’ve been enjoying the mix of writing and building tools to support that writing - and I expect to be publishing these infodecks after the Christmas/New Year slowdown.

Martin Fowler: 18 Dec 2012