NoSQL Distilled rough cut available soon on Safari

If you’re a subscriber to Safari Books Online, you will soon see a copy of a rough cut of NoSQL Distilled. This morning I said it was available, but I’ve since learned that my Safari account has special privileges, so I was seeing it but others cannot. We expect it to be available in the next couple of days for everyone who has an account that includes rough cuts.

It’s a rough cut, so it’s still early in the production process, with few copy-edits done. But it gives you an early chance to take a look at the text and to pass on comments.

Safari Books Online is an online library that gives access to lots of software books, including those of Pearson and O’Reilly. They have various levels of subscription, only some of which include rough cuts. For example there are two levels of individual subscription: bookshelf and library. Only the (more expensive) library individual subscription gives access to rough cuts.

I’m sorry for any confusion I’ve caused by my premature announcement.

Martin Fowler: 29 May 2012