Speaking at goto Aarhus

As in so many previous years, I’ll be speaking at the the goto conference (formerly known as JAOO) in early October. This is an excellent conference with a good range of material across both technology and process. This year I’ll be participating in a pair of tutorials.

On Oct 9 I’ll be with Jez Humble doing our full-day tutorial on Continuous Delivery, the first time we’ve brought this tutorial to Aarhus. This will cover much of the ground in Jez and Dave’s award winning book including the business case for Continuous Delivery, deployment pipelines, testing strategies, version control organization, and recipes for going live. We’ve had a lot of good feedback on this tutorial so far, so I’m glad to finally bring this to my favorite conference.

On Oct 13 I’ll join Rebecca Parsons to talk about Evolutionary Architecture. Rebecca’s long been our chief technical firefighter on difficult projects, which often have complicated dependencies to enterprise architecture. I’ve long been urging her to talk more about her experiences and techniques for handling these issues, so it will be good to work with her on this tutorial.

In between I’ll be hanging around the conference catching up on all the good pickings that will be available.

(If you want to register, using the discount code “fowl1250” will get you a worthwhile discount.)

Martin Fowler: 29 Aug 2011