Beaten Again

In the software world, we have the Jolt awards. These were originally run by Software Development magazine and are now run by Dr Dobbs magazine. My books have won a couple of ‘productivity awards’ - which are essentially the runner-up awards - but I’ve never snagged to top award (now called the ‘excellence award’). This year my [DSL book][] was up for an award and [won a ‘finalist award’][dsl jolt] (essentially this means I was runner-up to the runner-ups).

So I failed again, but this year I would have been very annoyed if I had won. I’ve argued all year that Jez and Dave’s book on [Continuous Delivery][cd book] was the most important book released this year, and so I’m glad that Dr Dobbs [agreed with me][cd jolt] and gave them the excellence award. Congratulations to Jez and Dave in joining the long list of people who have kept me away from this award.

Although I keep missing the top prize, my signature series has a very good record with these awards. The 10 books in my series so far have picked up 1 finalist, 4 productivity and 2 excellence awards. Not a bad hit rate.

Martin Fowler: 24 Aug 2011