Broken writing 31 July 2005 Reactions

(Updated with more information)

As I mentioned on this page a couple of weeks ago, I broke my arm in a cycling accident. As a result I've had to face three weeks unable to type - which for me is quite a strain. The good news is that the splint came off a couple of days ago, and while the arm is still stiff and unable to do everything - I can return to touch typing.

For those who are curious - we were out cycling in the New England countryside. We were chased by a dog and it got in front of my wheel causing me to eat asphalt. I'm glad Cindy was there to keep an eye on me. I got a broken elbow, some broken facial bones (I've got another week of soft food only to cope with), some broken teeth, and various cuts and scrapes which looked very nasty but most of which are healing nicely. I also got sufficient concussion that I don't remember the accident or the evening in the hospital.

Thanks to all of you who wrote and blogged with good wishes. Thanks to a combination of modern medicine and the human body's ability to heal I seem to be well on the mend.